Welcome to you, discovering the most cheerful troupe of itinerant artists, which allows crowds to travel through time: Nessamelda!

Nessamelda in Bayeux, Normandy

For more than ten years, this traveling procession of actors, musicians and jugglers has moved from forecourts to village squares with its carts and a whole camp. The troupe presents famous Chansons de geste and the great epic sagas told at the end of the 11th century in Western Europe.

From strolling musicians to temporary encampment, the company offers varied plays and skits for the pleasure of all. Let these artists humorously tell you their stories through fables, songs, music, battles and juggling ...

The troupe

Founded in 2008, the troupe is located in Brittany, Maine and western Champagne, and active in western France. You can find us at many Medieval fairs during summer.

The troupe combines both historical reenactment based on sources and acting performances, a fairly unique way to present historical narrative and give audiences a lot of fun!

Scenes and performances

Our specialty is the Chanson de geste (Battle of Hastings, Song of the battle of Stamford Bridge, Chanson de Roland, Charroi de Nîmes...) performed as it is believed they were performed centuries ago.

We also have shorter scenes from that era, like Aesop’s tales, plays depicting day-to-day life, and other educational activities.

We are still looking for challenges, and traveling to a different country is one of our goals for the future. If you are interested in inviting us to your Medieval fair, please contact us!